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in't Misbehavin' - Timegate Show (Waller-Razaf) 
All in All (Walsh)
Cold Unfriendly Way (Goulder)
Errol Flynn (McBroom)
Fanny Blair (Trad)

The Coast is Clear (Ketchum)
Erroll Flynn (McBroom)
Fools Fall in Love (Lieber-Stoller)
Ghosts (Bastoni)
Johnny Groat (Trad)
The Last Farewell (Whittaker- Webster)
Love Letters in the Sand (Coots-Kenny-Kenny)
Misty (Garner)
Snowing Like Holiday Inn (Breeze)

The Jubilee Song (Robinson)

Jason Stace the Ace Reporter (Robinson)

The Bridge (Robinson)

Councellor McCafferty (Robinson)

Not All Cider With Rosie (Robinson)

Lavinia Trevelyan, the Spinster (Robinson)

Brunel - Man Out of Time (Robinson)

Evenings This Way - Brent Reece
Filton First Aid Fellowship - Fred Wedlock
Follow The Drum - Brent Reece
It Always Takes a Team (orig version)
Les Gens Disent (People Say) - Clark King
New Year - Mike Orlin

Welcome to my website  This is a video archive in which you'll find songs written and performed by me over the last 40 years.

Also included are tracks from the '60s/'70s British folk bands Green Ginger (1970-1975), The Thymes Folk Group (1967-68) and The Green Ginger Trio. (1963-67)

Celina's Cafe (Robinson-Elliot)
Evenings This Way (Robinson)
Follow The Drum (Robinson)
I Broke Her Heart in Memphis (Gilbert-Robinson)
I'm Me (Healey-Robinson)
Michaela (Robinson)
Nuns of St Cecilia (Robinson)
Young and Easy (Robinson)


Amanda (long Version)
Benedict Christopher Thomas (Robinson)
Filton First Aid Fellowship (Robinson)
Speaking As One (Robinson)
Queen of England Ltd (Robinson)

For Ireland (Robinson)

Goodnight Angelina (Robinson)
Grains of Sand (Robinson)
It Is What It is (Healey-Robinson)
My Dear (Robinson)
New Year (Orlin-Robinson)
People Say (Gilbert-Robinson)
Saturday Fathers (Robinson)
When All Is Said And Done (Robinson)

Can't Get You Out of My Mind (Robinson)
The Contender (Robinson)
Coward's Lullaby (Robinson)
Hold On (Robinson)
It Always Takes A Team (Robinson)
Momma and Poppa (Robinson)
Genesis Jones The Boxer (Robinson)

(Alternative version of The Contender)

Ain't She Sweet (Yellen-Ager)

Amanda (Robinson)

Blagged (Sarstedt)

Bye Bye Blues (Hamm-Bennett-Lown- Gray)

Death and Mary Stapleton (Robinson)

Elaine (Robinson-Cowie)

Following The River Around (Robinson)

Gipsy Davy (Robinson)

​Michaela (Robinson)

​Ragged But Wrong (Robinson-Cowie-Finch-Hartley)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pinkard)
Take It Slow and Easy (Robinson-Cowie- Finch- Hartley)