Some decisions are enevitable - and painful

The first co-write with Rich Healey. A nusical shrug of the shoulders.

​Written for BBC Radio 4's "Small Country Living" show

Bitter little Miles Wooten song 

Written for BBC TV's "E For Environment Show"

The exploitation of a national institution

Written for BBC Radio Bristol's "Compass" programme

A fallen hero - if you wnat to know more about him listen to "Genesis The Boxer"

One of the most painful songs I have had to write

Everyone's a hero of their own lives

The wedding song


Written for Radio 4's You and Yours Programme

Don't go chasing the wrong dream

Sometimes it's just too late

Trad song proving how gritty songs used to be

Miles Wooten's best song

We all compromise sometime...remember before that?

My obituary

And Then There Was One...Going Solo

A song in which nothing happens. A man sits heartbroken at a cafe table. That's all.

Pat Walsh says it's really a song about everything being OK. I'm not convinced

Make the most of what you've got, while you've still got it.

Dave Goulder's wonderful song

  Amanda McBroom's tribute to her dad, an actor in the 40s and 50s.

The first "real" song I wrote back in 1969

A plea to be engaged in the evil world around you

A 1970s attempt to mix "trad" and "contemporary"

Lisa Bastoni decided to end a long distance love affair. Easier said than done.

Written for BBC Radio Bristol's "Compass" programme

One of the best songs ever written

It isn't always about "art"

The strangest sight - watching divorced  fathers and their children at malls.

Advice to my son

Written for BBC Radio Bristol's "Compass" programme

Sometimes difficult decisons simply have to be made...

Falklands War meets Trad Tune (Colston Hall)

Fun with rhymes.

Co-write with Bruce Gilbert

Delightful Graham Breeze song.

The first time I realized my mother and father were in love

I keep trying to write a song like the one above....

I inteprete this as someone trying to convince himself everything is OK. .

Co-write with Rich Healey

Co-write with Mike Orlin and sung by Sheila Hunt

It's only when you sing a song like this you understand how well crafted it is

What happens when heros fall...see also The Contender  

Two misfits - and a happy ending. It took four years to write.