​​​​​​​​Come On In  - Brenda Wooten
Johnny Groat – Brenda Wooten & Louis Robinson
Benedict Christopher Thomas – Louis Robinson
Guitar Solo – Chris Newman
What’s In A Name? – Brenda Wooten
Speaking As One – Louis Robinson
Cornish Folk Song – Brenda Wooten
Queen of England Ltd – Louis Robinson
Guitar Rag – Chris Newman
The Filton First Aid Fellowship – Louis Robinson
Tishomingo Blues – Brenda Wooten
Amanda (The Full Version) – Louis Robinson
Heading For the River – Brenda Wooten

Sweet Love Remembered
Sunday Supplement World
The Dutchman
Fanny Blair
The Village Production of Hamlet
The Lady from Richmond
Lovely on the Water
The Leaves That Are Green
Hello Lisa

Lavinia Trevellyan The Spinster (Compass Radio Bristol)

Not All Cider With Rosie (Small Country Living BBC Radio 4)

Jubillee Song (You and Yours Radio 4)

Jason Stace - The Ace Reporter (Compass R4)

Nuns of St Cecilia (That Was The West That Was BBC Radio Bristol)

Councillor McCafferty (Saturday Morning West BBC Radio Bristol

Folk Clubs and Concerts


 "That Was the West That Was" won "Best Comedy Script of the year" in 1978 and was nominated for the Radio and Record News and Radio Month "Best Comedy Show of the Year".

And Then There Was One...