Said We'd Make A Sunrise of Our Own

No longer with the security blanket of the band, I found solo work grueling. Late night drives home were not fun any more. But I plugged away at folk clubs, concerts and festivals and was lucky enough to get radio and TV work.

A guest on Jenni Murray's  "Compass" program was the editor of a "woman's magazine" who claimed home made clothes were better than store bought. So I confronted her with this.  

In the 1970s and 1980s radio producers commissioned me to write songs on any given subject. "I don't want it good", they would say, "I want it Thursday - and by the way, make it exactly two minutes and fifteen seconds long" It was an invaluable experience. Below are some examples of the many dozen songs from this period.

The Unicorn

The Nuns of St Cecilia's


The Jubilee Song

Sunday Supplement World



And then there was "Listening Corner"!!!

Lady From Richmond


Sweet Love Remembered

Queen of England

Performed live at an outside broadcast the Playhouse Weston Super Mare. The subject was prompted by the appearance on the show of the mother superior of the local convent


Folk Clubs and Concerts


Lavinia Trevelyan, The Spinster

Speaking As one

Lovely On The Water



Hello Lisa


Benedict Christopher Thomas

(Shel Silverstein)


Marvelous Toy


This is one of three songs written for Jeanine McMullin's "A Small Country Living"




(Ladislaw Fodor)

In 1978, I wrote three songs which were included in the award winning show radio show "That Was the West That Was". It won "Best Comedy Script of the year" and was nominated for the Radio and Record News and Radio Month "Best Comedy Show of the Year".

The recipients of the awards were producers John Howard, Derek Graham and yours truly.  

(Tom Paxton)

The Dutchman

The Yawning Man

Amanda (Full Version)



Not All Cider With Rosie

Come On In and Johnny Groat‚Äč

Jason Stace, The Ace Reporter

And Then There Was One...

Leaves That Are Green

Councillor McCafferty



The editor of the Bristol Evening Post came into the studio to talk about the importance of local newspapers 

Village Production of Hamlet 

Commissioned by Bill Salisbury for "Saturday Morning West" this was also featured on "The E For Environment" TV show by the Avon Touring Company.  

BBC Radio 4's "You and Yours" wanted something "spikey" to commemorate the Queen's 25 years on the throne.