John Madden

Diz: Then learn, dear boy, learn.

Jimmy at the Red Light Cafe, Midtown Atlanta, GA USA 


Duck at Merlefest 2010

Eugene at the Bluegrass Festival, De Laroche Sur Foros, Fr.


Len: (after a Green Ginger show in Harrow where he had snuck in as a member of the audience): I think you boys are now good enough for Turville. Tell John to ring me.


​Rob Morsberger

Redd Sullivan & Martin Winsor  

Geoff in his home studio in Devon, UK

Rob: (quoting his own lyrics) Well, I'm still here, you bastard.

A Track from Jim's CD""Rosalie's Night Out"

A track from Kevin's CD

Bob at the Six String Social Club (with Frank and Vinny) Marietta, GA, USA

Diz, Redd, Martin & Martin Carthy at the Troubadour - 1962

Pat  at the 10K studio, St John's Creek, GA USA.

Ron & Carol at Red Clay Music Project,  Duluth, GA, USA

Martin: Louis, ignore Redd when he shouts at you 

Its only because he likes you. Believe me, 

Me: But I don't how to "be funny"


Fred at Ragamuffin, Roswell, GA USA

Me: (worried about Rob's brain tumor) How are you?

Gone But Not Forgotten

Mentors and Musical Friends - I'm lucky to know (and have known) such talented people!

Máire & Chris at the Fiddler's Green Folk Club, Toronto, CA 

Bruce with a track from his fab CD.

Diz Disley.

(19-- - 2010)

Len Harman

Graham & Toby  at the Imperial Theater, New Brunswick, CA

Rick at Cafe 45, Norcross GA


Shawn at the Crossings, Zumbrota, MN, USA

Extras Extras Extras Extras Extras Extras

Diz: Just go out there on stage and be funny.

John: I've known you a few years now and never really listened to you. You're more talented than I thought.

its a compliment.