​​​ALWAYS TAKES A TEAM (And Then There Was One - Archive #3)

OPEN SANS 16 (Open Sans 12)

Lucida 12

All in All (And Then There was one- Going Solo - Archive #

A Pat Walsh song

Benedict Christopher Thomas, fumbling his way through the firm

And never fulfilling the promise he showed in his brillaint probationary term .

The bosses detect his sad lapses and the clients are starting to guess

Everyone knows! Only Mary regards him as quite a success

She's waiting for Chris' promotion - it's surely the least he deserves

While she's polishing windows and tables and bottling jams and preserves

And Mary would likes living somewhere, just a little bit grander than here

Cos a semi-detached in West Ruislip surely is something to fear 

​\And its greener out in Rickmansworth and Amersham's a must

But if we could it's Chorley Wood or Bust!

Amanda - Long Version (Television and Radio - Down The Club)

This is an extended of "Amanda" which was too short to perform solo so I wrote extra verses to fill it out. 

Amanda - (Green Ginger - Green Ginger Reunion Concert )

The first song written for "Green Ginger" during the production of Peter Levis' show "There Lived A Man" in High Wycombe. The "Amanda" was Amanda, the daughter of Ken Philpot, one of the cast. 

​​​ALWAYS TAKES A TEAM (Xtras????)

Original version written for the BBC Radio Northampton's "Crevis and Tauke Show" performed by Richard Lewis and me to a Nelson Riddle backing track. 


Ain’t Misbehavin’ 

Ain't She Sweet (Green Ginger - Green Gnger Reunion Concert)

Arrangement promted by discovering the banjo tuning C-G-C-E - a Peter Seeger tuning.

For the moment contended, as far as can tell,

There's Benedict Christopher Thomas and his yellow Cortina XL

Talking of elegant living, all very Sunday Times

With Holidays out in Bermuda and other sub-tropical climes

But you're getting old, and have I got some news

He's got the "I am not so young executive blues"


Benedict Christopher Thomas is grimly clenching his pipe

Abd jealously guarding his office from a young university type

Oozing Eton, Oxford and influence all over the place -

The word is about that he's on the way outand he's falling behind in the race

And they're coverting his salery and stepping into his shoes

They're borrowing his secretary and knocking back his booze

It's whispered in the corridors and written in the loos

​He's got the "I am not so young executive blues".

The personal managers comfort was "It isn't as bad as it seems. 

We've a quite indispensable taxes-deductible pension redundancy scheme

We don't want to lose you, but we think you ought to go -

"Crediblity gap" - "slice of the cakje" and "a crack of the whip", you know

Sp he's selling his freehold in Ruislip and moving to Frinton on Sea

And Amersham is a world away from Mary the practical wife

And Benedict Christopher Thomas remembers the best of his life

That's the way it is today: if you don't win you lose

And get the "I am not so young executive blues"

So when the company calls you, it's safer to refuse

Than get the "I am not so young executive blues"