John Madden

Diz: Then learn, dear boy, learn.

Jimmy at the Red Light Cafe, Midtown Atlanta, GA USA 


died 2012

How are you, Rob?

Eugene & band at the Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen, UK


(A hero since Turville days)


​Rob Morsberger

Folk Festival - before he was famous

Neil Sedaka

Redd Sullivan & Martin Winsor  

Geoff in his home studio in Devon, UK

Rob: (quoting his own lyrics) Well, I'm 

(Every year at the Albert Hall!!!)

A track from Kevin's CD

Bob at the Six String Social Club (with Frank and Vinny) Marietta, GA, USA

Danny - the incomprable 

Pat  at the 10K studio, St John's Creek, GA USA.

(I stole his act)

Ron & Carol at Red Clay Music Project,  Duluth, GA, USA

(My first email correspondent)

Martin: Louis, ignore Redd when he shouts at you 

Its only because he likes you. Believe me, 

Me: But I don't how to "be funny"

I still feel guilty that at the time he died I still had two of his LPs I never returned....


Bob Shane

Tom Paxton

Fred at Ragamuffin, Roswell, GA USA

Me: (worried about Rob's brain tumor)

still here, you bastard.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Mentors and Musical Friends - I'm lucky to know (and have known) such talented people!

Máire & Chris at the Fiddler's Green Folk Club, Toronto, CA 

The Clancys Bros and Tommy Makem

Bruce with a track from his fab CD.

Jeff Talmadge

Diz Disley.

(Most life changing concert  - and 

My interview with Larry - Radio Northampton in 1994

(19-- - 2010)

Len Harman

a lesson in professionalism

Graham & Toby  at the Imperial Theater, New Brunswick, CA

Rick at Cafe 45, Norcross GA


Shawn at the Crossings, Zumbrota, MN, USA

Extras Extras Extras Extras Extras Extras

Steve Goodman

Jonathan Kelly

Howard Morgan

Diz: Just go out there on stage and be funny.

Great days hanging out at the Cambridge

Larry Adler

and never really listened to you. 

John: I've known you a few years now 

You're more talented than I thought.​



its a compliment.