(Liza Bastoni)  


Genesis Jones The Boxer

Here are a couple of originals on Facebook

Errol Flynn

             (Pat Walsh)                                    ( Graham Breeze)                                                                                                 (Amanda McBroom)                         (Dave Goulder)

Grains of Sand

All in All

Some Sweet Day


Can't Get You Out of My Mind


I Wonder Where You Are

It Always Takes A Team

Some songs written between 2007 - 2017 from the DVD, the CD - and a few covers


A Cold Unfriendly Way

Tomorrow Never Comes

Momma and Poppa

Coward's Lullaby

TONY BRENT 1927-1993

Saturday Fathers

The Contender


For ireland

Goodnight Angelina

Snowing Like Holiday Inn

My Dear

Nashville Dreams

(Steve Cullen)

Fanny Blair

The Contender was originally written for British Country Star Kelvin Henderson. Here is the original version 

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face