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In 1967, Richard and Eugenio moved away to attend university and I was left in London enrolled in the London Film School in Covent Garden. But the music continued in the shape of The Thymes Folk Group.  The members of the band were yours truly, John Finch, Paul Hooley, and Shelia Jaillet (later Eugene O'Brien)

Chilly Winds



The two incarnations of The Thymes Folk Group

Death and Mary Stapleton 

Eugenio Grandi




(Rod McKuen)


The original Green Ginger Trio (Richard Cowie, Eugenio Grandi, and me) were 17, 16, and 15 years old when we first played together in public at the School Christmas Concert in December 1964. The set was: - This Little Light of Mine, M.T.A., Chilly Winds, Tom Dooley, So High and the encore was Jailer, Bring Me Water. All Kingston Trio covers.

Over the next three years we played in church youth clubs around Harrow, Pinner and Northwood Hills. The Catholic Church in North Harrow even became known as "The Green Ginger Club". 

In 1966 we made an LP, funding it from part-time jobs and our families. We recorded in a start-up company - Sound Recordings Studios - in Walthamstow, South London. Our budget was £70 which bought us four hours in the studio. The pressing of the disc brought our total budget up to  £104. The labels for the records were all typed on an old Remington and pasted on each disc manually.

         Eugene O'Brien          Paul Hooley         John Finch         and myself.

Richard Cowie, David Wheeler, Eugenio Grandi and me

After 50 years of writing and singing as a hobby, the family wanted to know what exactly I'd spent my time doing. So here it is - warts and all.

I guess the best place to start is here....

So I Did

(Ewan McColl)


If I had the Chance to Choose


Shoals of Herring

High Germany



So Many Others

Richard Cowie 

Words In Silence (Lean To Me)

The Green Ginger Trio 1964- 1968


In 2004, a copy of the LP was sold on ebay for £39. By today's money that's nearly the cost of producing all 99 copies. back in 1966

           John Finch                            Paul Hooley     Sheila Jaillet        and myself.

House on a Hill

Dallas Rag

Fiddle Tunes

The Thymes Folk Group 1968

Next stop - Green Ginger...

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