The first song I ever wrote was in 1962. I was fourteen. It was a basic three chord calypso called "Happy To Make Your Acquaintance". It wasn't very acomplished but it made my cousins smile. It was then I realized the power of music and words, even simple songs have their place. They have lives of their own. They all mean something to someone. 

In this website I've included songs like "Seasons" (1964) performed by our schoolboy band "The Green Ginger Trio" and my later BBC "radio songs" which all had their time and because someone, somewhere, remembers them. Even now "The Nuns of St Cecilias" (1976) is often requested though I wrote it in a few hours to hit a deadline.

The more recent mature songs can be found in the "And Then There Was One - Going Solo" section. 

I haven't kept good records, and many songs I had long forgotten, still appear when people send me tapes and cassettes. Only the other day I got a casette of a song called "Off On A Travel Again" recorded with the Thymes Folk Group for a hospital radio show in 1968. If anyone has a copy of the song I wrote and sang for the children's radio show "Calico Pie" I would love you to share it with me. It was called (gulp) "I'm Zimbo, the urban Gorilla", Could it really be as bad as it sounds?

I hope you enjoy the music on this website. And return often. I'm always updating content as I receive it.

Finally, please contact me. I love to hear from people.

Louis Robinson.
January 2019

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