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Pat Walsh Decateur 2013

Bob Bakert Recording Studio 2017

Richard Lewis Bristol 1982

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Danica Alexander Timegate 2015

Sandyman Flynn & Capt. George Hergan - Steve's Live Music 2015

Dave Leonard

The living hell of playing by the Gents -  Severino's, Duluth 2013

Meeting Lucy Manning again after thirty years

VIDEO SUPPLIED BY All in All Productions, Greg Gronholm, Cyndi be completed

PHOTOGRAPHS SUPPLIED BY Bernadette Watts, Ron Hipp, to be completed...

John Finch Harrow 1973

Bruce Gilbert - Lena's Coffee House 2014

Kelvin Henderson Radio Bristol Studio 1 - 1980

Graham Breeze London 2014

Pat Walsh Danica Alexander - Heron House

Shawn Phillips Mike Aceto's House St John Creek 2015

Home Sweet Home Freehome GA

Restrooms !@!?!

Sister Mary Colette - a fan since 1963 


The Hungry Ear 2015

Chris Hartley & John Finch BBC London 1971

Keith Rodgerson

AUDIO SUPPLIED BY Chris Barker, Chris Newman, Keith Rodgerson, Tony Langford, Dave Leonard, Hillary Widdell, TBCompleted.... 

Sophie Aldred - Timegate Atlanta

Jeff Silver & Bruce Gilbert  Decatur 2010

Danica Alexander & Craig Schneider Ragamuffin 2013

Richard Cowie - Pinner 2017

Picture Gallery 1966 - 2018

John Finch 2017

Roswell Presbyterian - 2013 

John Howard & Derek Graham Bristol 1978

Chris Newman Bristol 1977

Alan Siler & Courtland Lewis - Atlanta 2016

My Cottage School students final concert 2014

Heron House , Mountain Park - 2015

The weirdest recording session of my life - don't even ask!

Green Ginger Royston Folk Club 2017

Bob Bakert


Shawn Phillips Franny Mae & Mike Aceto - New York 2004

Eugenie O'Brien  Jim "Duck" Adkins 2014

Mike Harding BBC Radio Bristol 1981

Uxbridge Folk Club 1976

Vincent Phillipe Umaan 2013

‚ÄčUmaan in Roswell