Fred Watts

Anitra Holly Band

Vincent Phillipe

Perfect People


Kalie Mosher 

An example of the sort of thing that went on at Ragamuffin.

In 2010, Green Ginger member John Finch and I met up for the first time in over thirty years.

This performance was the first step towards the whole band playing together again six years later. 

It was a very special and emotional Ragamuffin moment.


Alexandra - Bruce Gilbert

Jeff Silver

Seph Sitton

Follow The Drum

Justin Fisher

Teaching guitar and songwriting at Ragamuffin was incredibly rewarding.

I proudly present some of my students. 

Kevin "Kalimbaman" Spears

Cal Watford

with co-writer Will Hodge

Flamenco Dancing


Pat Walsh

Rick Kearney 

Jackie Whittaker & Clark King

Greg Gronholm, John Keeble & David SIgal

This is part of an evening I hosted featuring two of Atlanta's best songwriters -  Gary McCoy and Bruce Gilbert.



Memories of Some Wonderful Ragamuffin Nights


Ashley Harris 

Evenings This Way

The Nuns of St Cecilia's

The video I made to promote Bruce's CD

Nolan Labouff

Bob Bakert

Kids Sing

Craig Schneider